Mark O’Connor, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and Steve Wariner – “Restless” Music Video

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Close * Mark O’Connor’s Grammy winning New Nashville Cats featured some of Nashville’s finest mu…


Rex Butler says:

These guys OWN ! ! ! Some of the best this generation produced !

VegasBilgeRat says:

that song is HOT

Javierzitok says:

awesome :D

chevyguitar19 says:

Man…..Ricky, Steve, and Vince are all so good…..I wish I could play
like them guys….

fiddlestixgirl24 says:

WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite tune on the New
Nashville Cats cd.

Kelton King says:

Happy Birthday Ricky Skaggs!!!!

chevyguitar19 says:


fish1648 says:


JolleyRick says:

This is THE BEST!! Lots of good versions of this– Emmy Lou, of course–
But this is best. The drummer sounds just like my friend Gary Hotchkiss–
not playing any more… but he digs this!! As do I!! Rick Jolley colorado

Lucy Bird says:


Ed jim says:

thats not bluegrass !

texasryder01 says:

Some of the greatest musicians you’ll ever hear!! Too bad Brad Paisely and
Keith Urban could’nt be there. I bet they would greatfully taken the
invite! That would REALLY be a topper!!!!

4to88strings says:

Sadly you never heard much of this album (if any ) on the radio. Not
“commercial” enough. Today’s country, if you want to call it that, is even
worse. I just finished burning this album to a CD for a friend of mine. I
really like “Sweet Suzanne” and “Pick It Apart”. It sounds like a 33 played
at 45 speed!!! Merry CHRISTmas!!!

steby123 says:

Now that is NOT A GARAGE BAND!

H Vaught says:

Just try & keep your foot still listening to this

cncdaddy says:

@alanyoung2 It makes perfect sense.Let me explain.I’m a guitar player, and
nothing irks me more than all the talented guitar players stuck in bands in
the country genre.This actually applies to pop music as well, but I’m not a
fan of country music in any way-but I love Chet Atkins, Vince Gill, Brad
Paisley, Mark O’Connor, to name a few, because their six string talent is
immeasurable.I hope that clears up any inconsistency to my post.

4to88strings says:

Yeah, I mostly play electric/acoustic guitars & basses but also play
mandolin banjo harmonica keyboards & an old lap steel that I bring out now
& then. When I toured in bands & did studio/session work (semi-retired now)
I mostly played bass and/or rhythm guitars & lead and backing vocals. Bass
is my thang though. Age and arthritis have slowed me down a bit, but I can
still thump it!. I’ve been playing a LOT of acoustic stuff lately in a drop
C# open tuning. How ’bout you, you play?? K.I.T.

Roy Kyle says:

They done a great job on Carl Perkins song!! Carl was still living at the
time, shame they didn’t include him on the recording!

james parker says:

Dig the curly maple necks on those axes!! Whoo-hoo!!

Buster Fandango says:

Doesn’t get much better than this. Hell, doesn’t get ANY better!

alanyoung2 says:

@cncdaddy I’m not trying to sound mean but to me your statement doesn’t
make sense.

southroncross says:

Talk about a country throwdown! Thats real music right there. Thanks for
posting this.

dewey lou says:


SJ LOOSE Walusiak says:

so hot

fiddlestixgirl24 says:

My brother and I are watching this video side by side at school, on two
different computers. We synchronized the video and are each using one of
the other’s earbuds!! Haha! :D

alanyoung2 says:

@cncdaddy Ok, I see what you mean, it’s all good, i love country, and
bluegrass, but bluegrass is way more intense. Sometimes ya just need a good
slow country tune to dance to that bluegrass just doesn’t really offer, or
should i say it’s not the same, but yes i love anything that makes sense,
sounds good, and i can enjoy. I myself play guitar but more dobro, have
been for 16 years and bluegrass is for shredding, country’s for a slow
down. lol Just my opinion tho. lol Have a great day!

Colin McCormick says:

Greatest musician in this one hands down is Mr. Mark O’Connor!!!!!! Great
vid for sure, love Ricky Skaggs also:)

steby123 says:

All top drawer studio cats git er done dudes

Dave Wollenberg says:

Good fiddlin’ from Mark. Great singin’ & pickin’ from Steve, Ricky, and
Vince. Hit #25 in Billboard, 5-25-91. God bless!

GospelGrooveRecords says:

What a jam, what a jam!

Celeste Lingford says:

Country at it’s best……….all good!!!

Jammin John Mascaro says:

Country radio today almost despises music that may sound “too much
“bluegrass”. Ricky Skaggs, Marty Raybon, and many other stars starting off
in bluegrass but the money was limited and they were convinced by promoters
to turn to country music, but when some of these same artists went back to
bluegrass, country radio shunned them again!

Jan Edward Vogels says:

Mighty fine!!!

TheDuster88 says:

all my favorite guys skaggs is great

Idolfan21785 says:

Vince Gill Ricky Skaggs Steve Wariner 3 Of The Greatest Musicians Of All

Kathie Kennedy says:

music at its best! The greatest of the greats all in the same room! It
don’t get much better than that!

Marty C says:

Great Mark…..years back at Seneca College in Toronto, I was lucky enough
to play on the same show as Boone Creek & meet all of them………..

Billy Weaver says:

I have the seen this video at least a hundred times since its release…
one of my favorite videos with my favorite guitarists (and fiddle
picker)… but this is the FIRST time I noticed the drummer and bass player
in the video… hah… what a great group of musicians!!!!

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